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Our Farm Blown Silage Film, crafted using Polyethylene (PE) as the primary material and produced through the Blow Molding process, offers excellent flexibility, wear resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance, making our farm film silage wrap exceptionally suitable for wrapping and sealing applications. The Blow Molding technique allows for the production of films with uniform thickness, boasting superior mechanical properties and physical characteristics.

When selecting the color of farm silage film, several factors are typically considered:

UV Protection Needs: If you require good UV protection to extend the shelf life and maintain the nutritional value of your silage, darker farm films (such as black) may be more appropriate as they tend to absorb UV light more effectively.

Temperature Control: For controlling the temperature of silage to prevent overheating that could lead to poor fermentation or reduced feed quality, lighter colors (such as white or light grey) may be beneficial as they reflect sunlight better and reduce heat absorption.

Market Identification and Recognition: If you need to identify different types or batches of silage on your farm, using silage wrap films of different colors as markers can be useful. You can choose specific colors based on your needs and preferences for easier differentiation of feed types or batches. We also support customization of colors to align with your branding efforts.

Visibility and Safety: Choosing bright or vivid colors can increase the visibility of the blown silage film, which helps to enhance safety during storage or transportation and prevent accidents.

Aesthetic Preferences: Lastly, you might consider choosing colors that match the farm environment or personal preferences. While color does not directly affect the performance of the blown silage wrap film, it can be selected based on individual tastes. Our pink and purple silage films add a unique tint to the bale wrapping process.

Our agricultural silage film is designed to withstand the harshness of farm life, featuring high tensile strength for bale packing that can endure the demands of packaging and storage. The jumbo roll silage wrap is ideal for large-scale operations, ensuring a sufficient supply for extensive baling activities.

The LLDPE silage wrap provides excellent stretchability and recovery, maintaining a tight seal over bales. Our products come in various sizes, including standard 25mic75cm1500m silage film and 25mic50cm1800m silage film, and can be customized to fit the dimensions of your business or machinery.

UV protection is a key feature of our anti-UV silage wrap and high-UV silage wrap, which protect the nutritional value of forage from the harsh effects of sunlight. The silage stretch film wrap and silage bale wrap film are designed for superior cling and puncture resistance, ensuring your bales remain intact and well-protected.

Our stretch film for bale packing is known for its stickiness and ease of strapping, facilitating a quick and secure wrapping process. The agricultural bale wrap and bale wrap plastic are made from top-grade materials, providing good mechanical properties that enhance the baling experience.

We are a manufacturer from China with years of international trade experience and an excellent innovation team, consistently supplying the highest quality farm blown silage film, ensuring that every roll of bale wrap you purchase is up to the task of preserving your silage in the best possible condition.

Choose our Farm Blown Silage Film for a reliable, efficient, and visually appealing solution to your silage wrapping needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive only the best products to support the success of your agricultural endeavors.

Longyouru's Blown Silage Films deliver strength and durability for effective forage preservation. Experience advanced technology ensuring optimal silage quality.

We are equipped by word’s first class equipments, our equipments can ensure our high and consistant quality.

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