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Discover our vibrant selection of color BOPP tapes, crafted for those who demand both functionality and aesthetic appeal in their packing and packaging solutions. You can find the perfect match for your shipping and logistics packing needs.

Our color BOPP tapes are fortified with high-strength adhesive properties, making them an ideal choice for securing parcels and packages that require durability during transit. The self-adhesive nature of our tapes means quick and easy application, saving time and enhancing efficiency in any packing process.

We take pride in our security tapes, which come in various colors to provide not only visual appeal but also an added layer of protection against tampering. Our low noise tape options are perfect for environments where maintaining a quiet atmosphere is essential, ensuring that packing can be done without causing disturbances.

The adhesive used in our tapes is designed to adhere strongly to polypropylene surfaces, guaranteeing a firm hold. Available in various sizes, our tapes come in roll forms, from mini to jumbo, catering to both small-scale and industrial packaging needs. Whether you require narrow tapes for labeling and insulation or wide tapes for larger boxes, our long-form options have you covered.

In addition to standard packing and masking applications, our color BOPP tapes are also perfect for creating a visual coding system, aiding in the quick identification of different categories of goods, streamlining the sorting and logistics process.

Choose our color BOPP tapes for a combination of security, strength, and style, ensuring your packages are not only well-protected but also stand out with a professional look.

We are equipped by word’s first class equipments, our equipments can ensure our high and consistant quality.

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