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Hand Stretch Film


Product Introduction

Stretch film is widely used for wrapping carton, pallet, bags and other industrial products. it is an inexpensive, fast, and reliable way to package, secure and protect our products.

Product Advantage

Stretch film Hand is an inexpensive, fast, and reliable way to package, secure and protect your products.

With our innovative hand film designs, we provide our customers with ease and comfort with secure and user-friendly hand application films.

casting stretch film offers excellent load-holding force and high puncture-resistance to prevent heavier items from shifting during transport.

Pallet wrap also provides superior cling and load stabilization to secure both uniform and irregular loads.

Our banding film clings to itself from inside. Shrink wrap has glossy and slippery outer

surfaces onto which dust and dirt can`t cling. Plastic wrap prevents sticking of pallets to each other. The plastic film is transparent, light, economic and endurable to all weather conditions.

Product Uses

First, the use of Hand wrapping film , you need to follow the principle of first down and then up. No matter what kind of goods are wound, it is necessary to start winding from the bottom half of the goods and gradually wind from bottom to top to ensure the tightness of the winding.

Second, when we wrap the top of the goods with a wrapping film, we need to wrap the top of the goods. In the case of cubic goods, the top of the goods can be wrapped from top to bottom.

Third, after the winding is completed, you need to directly cut off the hand winding film with scissors.


1)What is your company superiority?

1.We are professional stretch film manufacturer and we offer OEM service for global buyer.

2. Our regular customers have given us top marks on price, quality and back-up service.

2)How can we get detailed price list.

Please offer us detailed information of the product such as size(length, width, thickness), color, specific packaging requirements

and purchasing quantity.

3)How to control the quality?

A complete quality guarantee system: Self checking for each producing progress

We stricly control quality in each working procedure as per customers' requirements.

4)How long is the delivery time?

Normally within 15-20 days after deposit received.

5)How to guarantee punctual shipment for our order?

We are factory, give export orders and keep updating progress from production to delivery.

We are equipped by word’s first class equipments, our equipments can ensure our high and consistant quality.

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