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How to ensure product quality?

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How to ensure product quality?

How to ensure product quality? Our company is constantly learning and improving.A reliable company will surely not make you doubt the quality.

On July 10, 2023, Qingdao Longyou Ru Packaging Co., Ltd. held a meeting of all employees, which was related to production, operation and sales in June.And the focus of production and operation in the second half of 23 years was deployed.

The company manager Judy made a summary based on the report: In June, the factory production was basically normal, the export order volume was large, the order ran smoothly, and the quality of stretch film adopted new machines and new technologies, which was greatly improved compared with before.

However, there are also the following problems, the machine maintenance time is long, which may affect the production of orders. Therefore, more specific and detailed requirements are made for the overhaul of the machine. Neither the quality of the product can be disregarded, nor too much time can be consumed.

Manager Judy put forward requirements for the quality and technical department:

1, continue to improve the implementation of the quality management system, to ensure normal operation.

2. Clarify the product quality inspection standards of different customers and implement the plan. 3. Formulate product quality assessment mechanism, all employees learn to distinguish qualified products, products to be optimized, unqualified products, scrap products.

Establish a pre-warehousing inspection system for all materials, and divide unqualified products into a small number of unqualified, most unqualified, continuously unqualified, unqualified end customer inspection, untimely supply or product quality problems. If such a normal production assessment is affected, specific rules shall be determined for it, and the procurement department shall cooperate with the implementation and implementation.

Regarding the company's production department, the company manager June made a speech:

1, Organize the personnel training and stable work of each workshop and team, and cooperate with the human resources department to introduce external employees in a timely and effective manner according to the situation of production tasks.

2, Organize and carry out orderly production in a timely manner according to the production plan to ensure the timely and qualified completion of production tasks.

3, Strengthen the management of equipment, personnel, site and safety, ensure the normal operation of equipment, the stability of personnel, the cleanliness of the site, and eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents.

4, Deeply understand the thinking of employees, do a good job in the psychological stability of employees, and effectively help employees solve problems within their ability. Insist on talking to an employee every day and help an employee solve a difficulty every week, especially in management. The problems and confusions encountered by employees in the system or operation technology should be solved and communicated in a timely manner, and corresponding records should be made to form a summary every month

5, Brainstorm, continue to mobilize all employees to discuss energy saving, process improvement, technological innovation, etc., and organize implementation.

The above is the content theme of the company's meeting. We will continue to work hard to provide customers with better products and better service !

We are equipped by word’s first class equipments, our equipments can ensure our high and consistant quality.

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