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Light Green Colored Jumbo Stickiness Silage Film for Animal Husbandry

Agricultural Silage Wrap Film is typically available in black, white, or green colors, not only to block ultraviolet rays from the sun and extend the shelf life of the feed but also to withstand various weather conditions, protecting the silage from damage. Proper use of silage film can significantly improve the quality and nutritional value of the fodder, making it a cost-effective method of feed preservation for livestock farmers.

The film used to package silage is called silage wrap film, and the general farm grows high-quality forage varieties such as: moisturizing forage, sweet elephant grass, royal bamboo grass and so on are used forage film.

It is also widely used in animal husbandry feed storage.

Features of silage stretch film

  1. With good mechanical, easy for strapping silage.

  2. High tensile strength including stretch, tear resistance and puncture resistance.

  3. With high adhesion, wrapping tight, forming an oxygen-detested environment inside package. Forming anaerobic environment is beneficial to feed increasing lactic bacteria and aerobic fermentation.

  4. Stable, resistance to sunlight(UV) damage, long usage period and bundle up more than one year. Very flexible and low light-through rate, avoiding heat accumulation.

  5. Ensuring regular feed supply for livestock and poultry.

  6. Ensuring the supply of fodder of the same quality for livestock during different seasons.

  7. Preventing wastage of surplus green and fresh fodder.

  8. Elimination of parasitic diseases during the silage process.

  9. Increasing the production of green grass by improving the harvesting process.

Product Uses

Silage hay bale film is mainly suitable for animal husbandry, storage of agricultural products, and can also be used for good silage fodder in animal husbandry to form a very light product for protecting pasture.


1. Is there anything that needs special attention?

When the pasture film is put on the machine, it should be checked whether the upper and lower end faces are damaged. Small end face damage can cause film interruption during use.

2. What is the storage environment?

-Unused pasture films should be stored in a cool, dry, dark environment, and protected from moisture and surface mechanical damage.

- The unused film roll should be sealed with the original packaging plastic bag to prevent moisture

Silage wrap film is a type of agricultural plastic designed to preserve and protect silage – which is fodder prepared by fermenting green forage plants under anaerobic conditions to maintain as much of their nutritional value as possible. The film is used to tightly wrap bales of silage, such as grass, alfalfa, corn, and other crops suitable for animal feed, in order to create an airtight environment that promotes fermentation and prevents spoilage.

The film is typically made from high-quality, durable materials like linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), which provides the necessary strength, elasticity, and resistance to punctures and tears. It also has UV inhibitors to protect the silage from sunlight, which can degrade the quality of the feed over time.

Silage wrap film comes in various thicknesses and colors, such as white, green, or black, each designed to suit different climatic conditions and storage needs. Proper application of the film is crucial; it must be stretched and overlapped correctly to ensure an airtight seal that will maintain the anaerobic environment required for the preservation of the silage. This method of storing and fermenting fodder is widely used in the agricultural industry as it allows farmers to provide high-quality feed for their livestock throughout the year, regardless of seasonal changes.

Wrapped silage, when properly made and stored, can last for several years. The key factors that contribute to the longevity of wrapped silage include the quality of the wrapping film, the tightness of the wrap, the number of layers of film applied, and the storage conditions.

Typically, if silage is well-wrapped with a sufficient number of layers (usually at least 4-6 layers of film) to create an airtight seal and is stored away from direct sunlight and physical damage (like punctures or tears), it can remain in good condition for 18 months to 2 years, and sometimes even longer. UV protection in the film helps prevent degradation due to sunlight, which is especially important for bales stored outdoors.

However, the nutritional value of the silage may start to decline after the first year, even if it remains edible and safe for livestock. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use the silage within the first year of storage to ensure the best feed quality for animals.

To maximize the shelf life of wrapped silage:

- Ensure the forage is at the correct moisture content (typically 40-60%) before wrapping.

- Wrap the bales as soon as possible after baling to minimize exposure to air.

- Use high-quality silage wrap with UV protection.

- Apply the correct number of film layers and ensure good overlap between them.

- Store the wrapped bales on a clean, well-drained surface to avoid water pooling and check for damage regularly.

- Keep the bales away from trees and wildlife, which can cause damage to the wrap.

It's also important to note that once the wrap is opened and the bale is exposed to air, the silage should be used relatively quickly, as it will begin to deteriorate due to the reintroduction of oxygen.

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