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Machine Grade Length Stretch Film for Load Securing, Machine Wrap Film Roll for Batch Packaging

This Machine Stretch Film Wrap Roll is capable of efficient operation on automatic or semi-automatic packaging equipment, suitable for batch packaging, and able to wrap multiple goods simultaneously, thus enhancing packaging efficiency and speed.

Key Features:

Efficient Packaging:

Our Machine Stretch Film offers outstanding packaging efficiency, capable of running efficiently on automatic or semi-automatic packaging equipment. Its excellent stretching performance and stability ensure that goods are securely wrapped, thereby enhancing packaging speed and efficiency.

Batch Packaging:

Whether you need to package large batches or small batches of goods, our Machine Stretch Film meets your needs. Its ability to simultaneously wrap multiple items makes batch packaging convenient, greatly saving packaging time and labor costs.


Our Machine Stretch Film boasts remarkable versatility, catering to the packaging needs of different types of goods. Whether it's lightweight electronic products or heavy industrial materials, our stretch film provides reliable packaging protection, ensuring that goods arrive at their destination safely.

Applicable Scenarios:

Logistics Industry:

Our Machine Stretch Film is widely used in the logistics industry for its versatility and efficiency. It ensures secure packaging of goods during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage or loss. Whether it's palletized loads or irregularly shaped items, our stretch film provides reliable protection, making it an indispensable tool for logistics operations.

Manufacturing Industry:

In the manufacturing industry, our Machine Stretch Film Roll plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient packaging of products. It is used to wrap finished goods, raw materials, and components, protecting them from dust, moisture, and damage during storage and transit. With its ability to wrap multiple items simultaneously, our stretch film streamlines packaging processes, improving productivity and reducing packaging costs.

Retail Industry:

In the retail industry, presentation and protection are paramount. Our Machine Stretch Film is utilized to package products for retail shelves, ensuring they remain in pristine condition until they reach the customer. Whether it's bundling products together or securing individual items, our stretch film provides a professional and appealing presentation while safeguarding products from tampering and damage. Its customizable features allow retailers to create packaging solutions tailored to their branding and product requirements, enhancing product visibility and customer satisfaction.

Customization Services:

At our company, we understand that every packaging need is unique. That's why we offer comprehensive customization services to tailor our products precisely to your requirements. Here's a detailed overview of the customization options we provide:


We offer the flexibility to customize the dimensions of our Machine Stretch Film to fit your specific packaging needs. Whether you require standard sizes or non-standard dimensions, we can accommodate your requirements with precision.


With our customization services, you have the option to choose the thickness of the Machine Stretch Film according to the level of protection and strength required for your application. Whether you need a thin, lightweight film for light-duty packaging or a thicker, heavy-duty film for more robust protection, we have you covered.

Color Options:

Our Machine Stretch Film is available in a variety of colors to meet your branding and product identification needs. Whether you prefer traditional clear film for visibility or colored film for differentiation and branding purposes, we offer a wide range of color options to choose from.

Specialty Films:

In addition to standard Machine Stretch Film, we also offer specialty films such as Custom Machine Stretch Film, Machine Stretch Wrap Film, Machine Stretch Film Roll, Blown Machine Stretch Film, and Machine Length Stretch Wrap Film. These specialty films are designed to meet specific packaging requirements, such as enhanced puncture resistance, superior cling properties, or compatibility with automated packaging equipment.

  • Is stretch film recyclable?
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    Yes, stretch film is recyclable. However, recycling practices may vary depending on local regulations and facilities. It's essential to check with your local recycling center to ensure proper disposal and recycling of stretch film. Additionally, some stretch films are made from recyclable materials or are designed for easy recycling, contributing to sustainability efforts in packaging practices.
  • What is the raw material of machine grade stretch film?
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    The raw material of machine grade stretch film is typically Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). LLDPE is a type of thermoplastic polymer known for its excellent stretchability, puncture resistance, and clarity. It is commonly used in the production of stretch films due to its ability to stretch under stress and recover its original shape after stretching, making it ideal for securing and protecting palletized loads during transportation and storage.
  • What types of packaging is machine stretch film suitable for?
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    Machine Stretch Film is suitable for various types of packaging, including pallet packaging, individual item packaging, batch packaging, and more. It offers versatility and flexibility to meet the packaging needs of different types of goods.
  • Can I customize the dimensions and colors?
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    Yes, we offer customization services to tailor the dimensions and colors according to customer requirements. Whether it's specific dimensions, thickness, or colors, we can meet your customization needs.
We are equipped by word’s first class equipments, our equipments can ensure our high and consistant quality.

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