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White Silage Stretch Film 500mm 750mm Australia High UV Agricultural Silage Plastic Wrapping


White Silage Stretch Film  500mm 750mm Australia High UV Agricultural Silage Plastic Wrapping


• The surface with adhesive, good adhesion between the layers.

 • Resistant to sunlight (UV) damage 

• Have sufficient tensile, tear strength and puncture resistance 

• The high load holding capacity (retention wrapped securely). 

• Keep soft and not be embrittlement and cracked in low temperature environment.

White Silage Film

750mm White Silage Stretch Film

Popular Standard Size - 5 Layer Silage Film
LYR100 250mm x 2000m x 20micron
LYR200 500mm x 1800m x 25micron
LYR300 750mm x 1500m x 25micron
Customized Film Width, Length, Thickness, Lifespan and Cartons all accept custom.

Silage Film ApplicationSilage Film Loading

We are equipped by word’s first class equipments, our equipments can ensure our high and consistant quality.

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